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The Professional “YES” Men

Growing up, advertising had always been the love of my life – the dress sense, spring in their steps, intelligently deciphering brands, you would almost never expect the astuteness in brand communication spewing out the mouth of these sets of “misfits” or “nonconformists” as they are fondly regarded. Finding a crew padding business transforming ideas, […]

Research: Missing Link in PR Measurement

By Austin AYAOSI Showing the impact of public relations on a brand in clear and measurable terms is one of the most challenging parts of Public Relations. Measurement has always been a prime issue in the PR industry. Corporate Communications/Public Relations Managers are constantly faced with a challenge to show value for their work and […]

Death of an agency man (Part 1)

“…I    get    so    lonely    —    especially    when    business    is    bad    and    there’s    nobody    to    talk    to.    I    get    the    feeling    that    I’ll    never    sell    anything    again,    that    I   won’t    make    a    living    for    you,    or    a    business…” …Willy,  Death    of    a    salesman,    Arthur    Miller    1949     In the summer of 2004, I had the privilege […]

How to Use Big Data to Drive Smart Decision-Making

By Marketing Manager of Interswitch Group, Olawale Akanbi Decision-making is a crucial part of managing any organization or business. Today, decisions are no longer carried out based on assumptions as the availability of data helps employers and employees make smarter and more predictable decisions on every matter. In the recently released Nigeria PR Report 2016 […]